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Yes, you actually can make a difference

Our online courses are designed to help you create a healthier, more environmentally-friendly workplace

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Hello, I’m Julia Craighill

After a decade of work in sustainability, I founded Ensight Consulting to help businesses make greener choices so that they can reduce their ecological impact and demonstrate corporate responsibility.

Building on my past seven years of workplace consulting, I created Green Office Academy to reach a wider audience with online courses  on how to green the everyday operations of your workplace

I am so excited to invite you to join this incredible program for people who are ready to bring their passion and value to the workplace and want to learn my tested methods for doing so.

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Here is what others have to say

I'd give your name without hesitation. Thanks again for all the help you provided on this project. As I mentioned yesterday, we really couldn't have done it without you.

Megan Scanlon, Phipps Conservatoryenlist 

Julia is practical to the core, which drives her not to easy compromises, but to stakeholders in creative collaborations that result in meaningful and lasting change.

Julie Gabrielli, Go for Change

Julia was invaluable to us in the certification process. Her professionalism and follow-through were essential to getting us to the finish line.

Carol Malfatti, CPA

Yes, you actually can make a difference

But you need practical training and support to do it. We offer two approaches to suit your needs

Individual Courses

Streamlined and targeted training that allow students to develop master of a subject in short bursts of time. Worksheets & templates help you put the                   knowledge into action.                                                    

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Green Teams:

5 ways to ensure they succeed (or fail)

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Green Teams:
5 Key Ways To Ensure They Succeed Or Fail

A high-performing green team an essential component of any successful sustainability initiative.


Do you know how to set one up for success?

Or, more importantly, why many fail?

This e-book gives you those secrets and more…